Top Reasons to Spay or Neuter your Adorable Pet

Top Reasons to Spay or Neuter your Adorable Pet

If you are wondering whether it’s beneficial to take advantage of low-cost spay and neuter, continue reading.

There are many compelling reasons to do so!

Whether you have adopted or purchased a newborn puppy or kitten, the foremost imperative health decision that you should make is to neuter or spay your pet.

It can be the best decision that you can make regarding their long-term well being.

Some Benefits to Spaying and Neutering your pet are:

Fitness and Pleasure

You may be amazed to know that neutering and spaying can increase the lifespan of your pet.

It will also protect them from severe diseases, and minimize their chances of uterine contamination and breast tumors in the case of female pets.

Neutering helps prevent testicular cancers and minimizes the chances of prostate disease in the case of male dogs and cats.

Prevention of Pyometra

Uterus infection is a major health risk that is reduced for female pets by spaying them. Pyometra can sometimes result in serious and long-lasting illnesses in healthy pets.  Spaying is one of the best solutions that can prevent this problem.

Eliminates the chances of pregnancy and complications of delivery

Just like human beings, pets can also experience difficulties related to delivery and pregnancy.  Pets of any breed might need a caesarian procedure to help with problems faced during delivery, which in most cases are expensive and sometime life threatening.

Helps control the animal population

No doubt, you love your pet, but if your pet becomes pregnant, are you ready for a litter of an unknown number of puppies or kittens? For the majority of people, it is a huge responsibility, and a tiresome task to try and find good homes for them. Sadly, many animals end up in shelters.  Low-cost spay and neuter services guarantee that your pet won’t become pregnant accidentally, which reduces the issues of overpopulation which result in strays and crowding in shelters.

Additional Benefits

  • Saves money$$$: Everyone knows that pets are quite expensive; however, having a sick pet can cost you a lot in the long-run. Spending money initially might shock you, but it will eliminate some of the above mentioned diseases that are costly and can cause you pet to become extremely ill.  You can easily find low-cost spay and neuter services in your area.
  • Decreases aggression
  • Minimize urine marking actions
  • Reduces frustrating behaviors related to heat cycles

How will your pet feel after a spay or neuter?

Spaying and neutering are surgical procedures that are routinely performed by a licensed veterinarian.  It does require putting your pet under anesthesia, and possible pre-op blood work. Your pet will be given medications just after the process to help with pain and inflammation.  Just after completing the process of surgery, your veterinarian might recommend keeping your pets inside and monitoring activity for a quick recovery.


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