Our Services



We provide thorough comprehensive head-to-toe full body exams, and partner with pet owners to provide the best quality of care.


We provide vaccinations based on your pets age, lifestyle, and environment.


We provide in clinic heartworm testing, and FeLV (Feline Leukemia) & FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) testing, obtaining results within 10 min! We also work with a full diagnostic lab and can test for a wide range of medical conditions with a turn around time of 12-24hrs!


Online Pharmacy

Provides quick and easy access to preventions, medications, and prescription diets which can be delivered directly to your home!


We perform surgeries at one of our many state-of-the-art partner hospitals. Surgical procedures are performed in a sterile, controlled, and monitored environment. We generally perform pre-anesthetic bloodwork, and also provide pre & post operative pain control as needed.

Surgeries include:
Dental Cleanings
Mass Removals
And More!

Home Visits

AskTheVet’s home visits are uniquely designed for clients who prefer quality veterinary care in the privacy and comfort of their homes. Perfect for pets with anxiety, multiple pets, large pets, geriatric pets, and pets that have difficulty walking.

 End of Life Care

When it comes time to making that difficult decision, AskTheVet can provide private in-home end of life care. We partner with PetAngel to assist clients with aftercare arrangements such as private or communal cremation, as well as products to remember your precious fur baby.

The Best of Services That Are Deserved By Your Pet

You must agree that your beloved pet has the right to have a happy and healthy life and at the end also have a ceremonial farewell from this earthly abode. If you feel the same as we do at Ask The Vet then you do need to be in contact with us. Our services would enable you to offer such a life and passage to the next life for your pet.

The Best of Services That You Can Expect From Us

From our very inception in the year, 2012 under the proper guidance of Dr. Euphrates Anderson, DVM we have tried to offer the best of services to your pets if you are located in the states of Georgia and Texas. When you think of mobile pet vaccinations near me we are the one who stands out from the rest. We offer the best of vaccination depending on the age and necessity of your pet. The vaccinations are of quality and so you can be assured of having no complication for your pet after having it.

The low-cost pet vaccinations that we offer can be relied on to offer the best of preventive treatment for your pet. The mobile pet vaccinations near me clinics would enable you to have a healthy pet as you desire to have. You do not need to be at our clinic but we will be coming to your place and performing the vaccination as desired by you and the prevalent law. In any need of surgical intervention for your pet as per the lab test results then also you can be in our mobile spay and neuter clinic. At these clinics which are supervised by the best spay and neuter Veterinarian, you can expect to have the best of surgical intervention. It the same for the surgical interventions that you can have at our mobile spay and neuter clinic, the best can be had at an affordable rate from the best surgeons.

The best spay and neuter Veterinarian would be supervising the entire procedure to offer the best of services. If all these means fail to make your pet healthy despite all the efforts that we all take we also offer a ceremonial passage for your pet to the next life.

So, to keep your pet healthy and happy be in contact with us and have the low-cost pet vaccinations that we offer.