About the Dr.

About The Dr.

Dr. Euphrates Anderson, DVM owns and operates Ask The Vet.  She graduated from Tuskegee University in 2010 and is licensed to practice Veterinary Medicine in the states of Georgia and Texas.

She has worked at numerous veterinary hospitals (including emergency medicine) in Georgia and Texas, and has performed countless spays, neuters, and other surgical procedures. In addition, she has worked extensively with vaccine clinics throughout Georgia and Texas to keep animals healthy and free of diseases.

Ask The Vet mobile veterinary service concept and idea was developed in July 2012 in an effort to reach untraditional markets to serve pets and owners.  Ask The Vet’s main objective is to make it easier, more convenient and accessible for pet owners to receive quality veterinary services for their pets.

Her goal as a veterinarian is to provide quality care to pets and educate owners on the health and proper care of animals. In her spare time she enjoys speaking to youth in hopes of inspiring future veterinarians.