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Dr. Euphrates Anderson - Mobile Vet

The Convenience of a Mobile Vet

Mobile vets have been gaining immense popularity over the past years, not only because they provide quality veterinary care for your fur babies in the comfort of your home, but are usually low cost due to no overhead, and has become the ideal choice for many clients.

AskTheVet Mobile Veterinary Services is a mobile vet clinic in Atlanta that deals with numerous pet-related issues and works closely with clients to provide the best care for their pet/s.

AskTheVet provides veterinary services at multiple locations throughout the metro Atlanta area, as well as personal home visits.

Like most veterinary hospitals AskTheVet provides vaccinations which are important when it comes to protecting pets from various diseases. However, AskTheVet also takes into account the lifestyles of various pets and tailors vaccine protocols to meet the needs of patients and clients. In addition to administering vaccines, AskTheVet is full service, providing veterinary services that include: exams, labwork, end of life care, as well as surgeries (i.e. dental cleanings, mass removals, spaying & neutering) which are performed at one of our partner hospitals.

Why People Choose Mobile Vet Services

The number 1 reason people choose Mobile Vet Services is CONVENIENCE. Pets are more comfortable in their familiar space; and they experience less anxiety/stress when veterinary services are rendered in the comfort of their home, or at any one of their favorite ‘hang outs”- local pet stores and boarding facilities.

No pet loves an unknown environment; they like the comfort of their home and being with their owner. Many pets grow increasingly frightful after a few visits to the veterinary clinic and creates a fuss when the owner tries to take them in the future. Such problems are largely eliminated with the use of a mobile vet since the vets comes to you. Your pets can be checked/examined with the least possible hassle and trauma.

A Mobile Vet service is also ideal for pet owners with multiple pets, large pets, geriatric pets, pets with difficulty walking, and pet owners with limited mobility.

If you are considering using a mobile vet, you can easily search Veterinarian in Kennesaw, GA and get a home visit vet service with AskTheVet, or come to any one of our multiple locations.


The goal of Ask The Vet is to provide services to pet supply stores, pet shops, grooming facilities, boarding facilities, and anywhere pets may be to provide quality veterinary care to busy pet owners on the run. These locations will be posted on a weekly basis. Otherwise a private in home appointment can be scheduled.



Ask The Vet is not only a mobile practice but also prides itself in providing veterinary care to elderly pet owners and visits various assisted living facilities in and around the Metro Atlanta area.


  • Love Dr. Anderson and the staff at Ask the Vet! My pup had some serious work done and they did a great job from start to finish...

  • Really enjoyed taking my dog to Dr. Anderson. She was very thorough and my baby loved her and her staff. Will definitely be returning next time he needs anything.

    C. Leavell
  • Dr. Anderson is wonderful! Our whole family loves her!

    S. Masinelli


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